Who are we?

That's what we all asking ourselfs, right?

We had a kombucha brewery and are ICT guys

In 2017 we started our own kombucha brewery in The Netherlands called Tim's Kombucha. Since founder Gert Timmerman has a background as developer and designer and he has a need for an application such as Esira Food he started developing Esira Food for his own. In 2019 he sold Tim's Kombucha and decided to focus more on Esira Food. So we know the food and ict industry, the right combination for developing Esira Food.

We give people a chance

Esira Food is developed with people which cannot work in a normal environment because they have e.g. autism. We offer these people the right environment so they can use their skills and help us with developing Esira Food. So if you using Esira Food, you directly help these people to have a meaningfull dayjob.

Try Esira Food:

  • - The first 15 days are free
  • - No card needed for the trial