Follow the creation of your product from purchases, production, inventory to sales.

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Our Features

It’s all about that lovely product that you create.

That lovely product becomes lovely through the best ingredients, your craftsmanship and your super secret recipe. Add all the products you use, produce and sell. Add as many recipes as you want and add notes to it.

Which ingredients do you purchased?

You want to know and manage the ingredients you use. With Esira Food you can add purchases orders: select the supplier, which products you have orders, when they are delivered, which shelf date they have and where you want to store them.

The production of the product you want to consume it all by yourself!

Select the product and the amount you want to create and which recipe you want to use. Then select the ingredients you have purchases earlier. Add notes of the CCPs. When the production is finished, select the location you want to store the product in and select the shelf life. And you have to taste your product for quality right? 😉

Always know what is in stock

Ingredients you store in locations, you use them to produce products which you also store in your warehouse. If you sell some products (and I know you do), you know exactly where you have stored that product and how many you have in stock. Thats what you want right?

Everybody has to taste your products, so sell them!

Your warehouse is full of your products and you can’t consume them all by yourself, maybe it’s a good idea to sell them? Create sales orders, select a client which and how many product they have ordered and pick the products from your inventory. You now always know which product of which batch with which ingredients from which supplier you have sold when and to who.

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